Meet Dr. Coty

Dr. Coty Hulgan

Dr. Coty Hulgan

Dr. Coty Hulgan is not just a board-certified specialist in Periodontics and Dental Implant Surgery but a professional wholly devoted to the transformative power of excellent dental care. Having dedicated three extra years beyond dental school to specialize in periodontics, a field endorsed by the American Dental Association, Dr. Hulgan mastered the sophisticated procedures in IV sedation and advanced bone grafting techniques.

Beyond his technical expertise, Dr. Hulgan’s approach to dentistry is driven by a deep-seated commitment to his patients’ well-being, holding steadfast to the principle of using only top-quality dental products – the kind he would choose for his family. This meticulous approach ensures that every patient receives nothing less than the best.

In addition, his certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a testament to his holistic approach to patient safety and readiness to respond to emergencies, reflecting a practitioner prepared to go the extra mile in every aspect.

Kindness at the Heart of Care

At the heart of Dr. Coty Hulgan’s practice is a philosophy passed onto his very own daughter: be kind to oneself and to others. This principle not only serves as the moral compass guiding his personal life but also is the foundation of his patient interactions and care. As a proud periodontist with nine years under his belt, Dr. Hulgan’s commitment to dentistry goes beyond technical prowess.

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